TrueDepth Camera Not Working Fix, How To Fix Truedepth Camera Not Working Issue?

TrueDepth Camera

Face ID uses a state-of-the-art TrueDepth camera system with advanced technology to properly trace the geometry of your face to deliver intuitive and safe authentication. Face ID securely unlocks your iPhone or iPad Pro with a single glance. It can be used to authorise purchases from the iTunes Store, App Store, and Book Store, as well as Apple Pay payments, among other things. Developers can also allow you to authenticate into their apps using Face ID. Face ID is immediately enabled in apps that use Touch ID. On these iPhone and iPad versions, Face ID is available.

TrueDepth Camera Not Working

Face ID technology is some of the most advanced hardware and software we’ve ever developed. The TrueDepth camera creates a depth map of your face and also captures an infrared image of your face by projecting and analysing hundreds of invisible dots to produce a depth map. Within the Secure Enclave, a component of the neural engine of the A11, A12 Bionic, A12X Bionic, A13 Bionic, A14 Bionic, and A15 Bionic chips turns the depth map and infrared picture into a mathematical representation and compares it to the enrolled face data It is a very complex and advanced process, If there is any technical issue or difficulty in the TrueDepth Camera, which leads to improper function or not functioning properly in Face ID

TrueDepth Camera Not Working Fix

If Face ID stopped working, most likely this is because your iPhone has detected a problem with the TrueDepth camera. If you go to Settings, and tap Face ID and Passcode, you’ll notice the device says Face ID has been disabled due to an unknown TrueDepth camera issue. Many were wondering How to fix TrueDepth Camera Not Working Fix? Read below to know How to fix TrueDepth Camera Not Working Fix.

How To Fix TrueDepth Camera Not Working Fix?

The below steps are recommended by Apple support team. Follow the below steps to fix the issue; 

1) Check for updates

Make sure you have updated to the latest version of iOS of the iPhone or iPad. 

2)Check the Face ID settings

Go to settings> Face ID and Passcode. Make sure the Face ID and its features are turned on.  

3) Check whether the TrueDepth Camera is blocked by something

Make sure your iPhone or iPad’s TrueDepth camera isn’t obscured by a case or a screen protector. Also, see if the TrueDepth camera is covered in residue or dirt.

4) Make sure that your face is clear to the camera

Make sure the TrueDepth camera can see your eyes, nose, and mouth completely. If you have something covering your lips and nose, such as a face mask, Face ID will not operate. If you swipe up while wearing a face mask, you’ll be prompted to enter your passcode automatically.

5) Restart the device

Restart your Iphone and try using the Face ID again. 

6) Reset the Face ID

Try resetting the Face ID by Going to settings> Face ID> Passcode> Reset Face. Then try Setup the Face ID again or add another alternate appearance 

7) Get service

Take your device to the nearby Apple Retail Store or Apple Authorised Service Provider or contact Apple Support, if you can’t fix the issue on your own. 

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