Kristen Spencer recalls having a “scared * tale” while shooting this scene in Spencer

Kristen Spencer recalls having a scared tale while shooting this scene in Spencer

Kristen Stewart, who played Princess Diana, was not always confident. The 31-year-old actress recently spoke on SiriusXM’s The Jesse Kegel show and confessed that she was uncomfortable delivering her character’s first speaking lines while shooting Spencer. Stewart’s Diana is in a cafe in this scene, and although this was not the first scene filmed by … Read more

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard on the USD 100 Million Green Line of Neapolitan and more celebrity witnesses

There will be many celebrities in Virginia as witnesses to the USD 100 million legal battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. The long-delayed trial, which is set to begin next month, includes many A-listers who are expected to take a stand, including Vandavision star Paul Battney, James Franco and others as the trial begins … Read more

Did Emma Watts meet Harry Potter author J.K. during the BAFTA Awards 2022? Focused on rolling?

The BAFTA Awards 2022 was held on Sunday, March 13 at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The British Academy honors Best Film and Television and many prestigious Hollywood stars attended the prestigious awards this year. Storming the red carpet this year with her stunning looks was Harry Potter Elm Emma Watson who was also … Read more

Rosalia reveals Harry Style mistakenly says ‘love you’ to a stranger using her old phone number


Harry Styles is a fan of Rosalia’s music and when the singer tried to get him to the Chicken Teriyaki hitmaker, he accidentally had a conversation with a stranger whom he later described as “confusing”. Rosalia, who recently attended Jimmy Fallon’s show, recounted how the singer texted her old number and talked to a stranger. … Read more

Zoe Kravitz clarifies comments about being too ‘urban’ for the Dark Knight Rise audition: let’s read quietly

Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz went to Instagram Stories to explain the statements she made during an interview about how she was described as being too “urban” to audition for “The Dark Knight Rises.” Prior to being hired as a catwoman in Matt Reeves’ “The Batman”, Kravitz said she faced a casting bias while auditioning for a small … Read more