Spider-Man: No Way Home Actress Marissa Tommy Annoyed Aunt May Be Back In Future Project

Marissa Tommy, who played Peter Parker’s aunt in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man franchise, is opening up about Aunt May’s possible future after her tragic death at Spider-Man’s No Way Home. The rewrite actress recently announced her decision to revive in a conversation with Jimmy Fallon on her talk show.

During her time on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Tommy rejoiced to be back at MCU when the talk show host popped the inevitable multiverse question. The actress noted how no one knows what Marvel has in store for most of the characters as the cameo of Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield in the latest Spidey release was easily the best secret in the history of Hollywood following the suspense of Ironman’s death in Avengers. Finish the game. Tommy explained that she had difficulty understanding complex multiversal theories.

Tommy admits, “But the thing is, if someone asks me about it, I can’t understand myself multiverse. Our wonderful director, Jon, and I are ‘like’ and so, where am I now? Well, good Can you explain it to me one more time? ‘”She then added,” I’d love to come back and be a part of it. There’s history, too. ” Tommy went on to declare her aspirations for the role, “May Parker joins Ant-Man. Well, I mean, he’s a single character, of course, but there are more ways to explore,” according to the comic book.

However, in an earlier chat with Collider, the actress revealed that she regrets playing the role of Aunt Mani as she could be typecast after playing a character in such a big budget production which led her to lament over her current situation, though Tommy commented that she tries. To make the most of it.

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