Queen Jubilee 2022 Dates, When is the Queens Jubilee 2022? Is Queen Jubilee 2022 Bank Holiday?

What is the Queen’s Jubilee 2022?

Queen Elizabeth II will be the first British monarch to observe a Platinum Jubilee celebrating seven decades on the throne. This also marks the 70 years of service to the people of the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth, and the Realms. While the Queen formally inherited the throne on February 6, it is also the death anniversary of her father, King George VI, and is hence renowned as a date the Queen does not care to commemorate.

Instead, like the Queen’s Golden and Diamond Jubilees, the Platinum Jubilee will be held on Friday, June 3, 2022, with the warmer days of the month providing a better possibility of excellent weather. The Royal website indicates the occasion will be commemorated with events “all year,” the historic Jubilee will be commemorated with a four-day UK bank holiday weekend.The Queen’s 70th year on the reign will be commemorated on this date, and she will be the first British monarch to observe a Platinum Jubilee. On September 9, 2015, Queen Elizabeth II broke the record for the longest ruling British monarch set by her great-great-grandmother Victoria.

Is the Queen Jubilee 2022 Bank Holiday?

In 2022, the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee will be celebrated with an extra bank holiday. The government stated in 2021 that an additional bank holiday will be added in 2022, from Thursday, June 2 to Sunday, June 5. The official Royal Family tweeted: The extended bank holiday weekend will see public events and community activities, as well as national moments of reflection on the Queen’s 70 years of service.” Events and programs will occur all over the year to commemorate this historic occasion, concluding in a four-day UK bank holiday weekend from Thursday, June 2nd, to Sunday, June 5th. The bank holiday will allow towns and people all around the United Kingdom to join together to recognize the momentous occasion. The four-day commemoration will include public meetings, community programs, and national moments of reflection on The Queen’s 70 years of service.

How is it Celebrated?

Locals and visitors will be able to relax and enjoy festivities at the Queen’s private properties, Sandringham and Balmoral. Over the bank holiday weekend, the public can attend free events such as a “Platinum Party at the Palace” on the large screen in the Royal Parkland at Sandringham, a live broadcast of the BBC concert highlighting moments from the Queen’s seven-decade era. The Royal Parkland will also host the lighting of the Sandringham beacon, which will be complemented by live music from the Norwich Pipe Band and the Hunstanton Band.

Queen Jubilee 2022 Dates

June 2 – The Queen’s Birthday Parade


Image Source: ABC Source Walt Disney

The Queen’s birthday parade, also known as Trooping the Colour, will take place, with approximately 1,400 soldiers, 200 horses, and 400 musicians taking part in the customary celebration of the Queen’s official birthday. The ceremony will begin at Buckingham Palace and proceed along The Mall to Horse Guards Palace, with royal family members riding in carriages and on horseback. The march will conclude with the usual RAF fly-past, which will be seen from the Buckingham Palace balcony by the Queen and the royal family.

Platinum Jubilee Beacons


Image Source: Eastern Daily Press

The United Kingdom will maintain its historic practice of lighting beacons to commemorate Royal Jubilees and Coronations. 1,500+ beacons will be lit, all through the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, United Kingdom,and UK Overseas Territories.

June 3 – Thanksgiving Ceremony


Image Source: The Royal Watcher

St Paul’s Cathedral will host a Thanksgiving ceremony for the Queen’s majesty, with more information and festivities to be revealed.

June 4 – Platinum Party at the Palace

The “Platinum Party at the Palace” will be held on Saturday. To commemorate the Queen’s seven-decade administration, the BBC will create and livestream an unique live performance from Buckingham Palace, featuring some of the world’s top stars in entertainment.

The public will be able to register to join the momentous occasion, which will begin accepting applications in February.

The Derby at Epsom Downs


Image Source: Twitter

The Queen will also join the Derby at Epsom Downs on January 4th, escorted by royal family members.

June 5 – Big Jubilee Lunch


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Since its inception in 2009, The Big Jubilee Lunch has inspired communities to embrace their bonds and get to know one another better, all in the spirit of fairness and compassion.

As part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, concerned citizens are welcome to share companionship, food, and entertainment with their peers.  The royal family notes, “A Big Jubilee Lunch can be big or small – street party or picnic, tea and cake or a garden barbeque”.

A Pageant

A pageant incorporating 5000+ people from street arts, drama, music, circus, carnival, and costume will be held around the UK and Commonwealth. It honours the Queen’s reign of service as well as the collaborative service of individuals and communities around the country.

Other Platinum Jubilee Events

1) Royal Collection Trust


Image Source: Royal Collection Trust

Three special displays such as the Accession, the Jubilees, and the Coronation will be held at the official royal palaces from July 2022. It features portraits of The Queen taken by Dorothy Wilding between the period of 1953 and 1956. The Queens’ personal jewelry and the Coronation dress will also be kept on display. 

2) The Queen’s Green Canopy


Image Source: Twitter

Around 60,000 trees have been planted across the UK as part of the programme as the planting season began. The Queen’s Green Canopy is also striving to safeguard 70 old trees and forests that are important parts of the UK’s legacy and history, as well as launching a special training aimed at teaching unemployed young people new tree-planting and managerial skills.

Is There a Platinum Jubilee Commemorative Medal?


Image Source: The Royal Family

A Platinum Jubilee medal will be presented to those who work in the public sector, including armed forces personnel, emergency services, and prison services, to keep up with the tradition.

Timothy Noad of the College of Arms created the Platinum Jubilee medal, which bears a picture of the Queen with the Latin text “Elizabeth II Dei Gratia Regina Fed Def,” which means “Elizabeth II, By the Grace of God, Queen, Defender of the Faith.”

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