Ps4 Error Nw-31308-5, Check Here How To Fix Ps4 Error Nw-31308-5?

Do Some Resets, Reboots & Updates on Your PS4 & Router

Reset, reboot, and update your PS4 and router.

When dealing with error codes like the NW-31308-5, the first thing you should do is perform some rapid and hard reboots on your devices to ensure that it isn’t a momentary malfunction. The following are the general steps to follow:

  • Reset your router and PS4 as soon as possible.

  • Power cycle your router and PS4 by unplugging them completely for 5-10 minutes and then restarting them, router first, then PS4 once the router is fully operational.

  • Close the distance between your PS4 and router.

  • Ensure that your router’s firmware is up to date.

Then you can go to the following step, which is to ensure that your PS4 is fully updated. You can perform this in regular mode on the PS4 by heading to Settings System Software Update, but it is recommended that you do it in Safe Mode.

Here are the step to do this:

  • Turn your console off, then on again in Safe Mode. To do so, press and hold the PS4’s power button for 7 seconds. After that, it will start in Safe Mode.

  • Select the Update System Software option and then select Update via Internet once you’re in Safe Mode. If the Wi-Fi still doesn’t work, use ethernet to connect directly to your router.

  • A system update should be available to download. Reboot in regular mode once everything is finished.

  • Make sure you accept any new terms and conditions before installing any system updates. To completely confirm, you may need to scroll down and tick a box. You won’t be able to use the PS4 until you complete this task.

  • This update fixes the problem for a lot of individuals. If it doesn’t, there are a few other choices to consider, which we’ll discuss in greater detail below.

  • Option 4 – Default Settings – restores all network and other settings to their default state, which may resolve any network errors.

  • Option 5 – Rebuild Database is another option worth considering, albeit it could take up to an hour to complete. It fixes any faulty PS4 files that may be creating network issues.

Check Your Home Network Connections

The next step in attempting to resolve this error number is to double-check your PS4 and router connections to ensure they are as stable and constant as possible. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • As previously said, reset the router.

  • If you’re using Wi-Fi, move the PS4 and router closer together.

  • Moving away from Wi-Fi and toward a cable connection is preferable.

If you want to connect to the internet through a wired connection but are too far away from your router to run a network cable directly, a powerline adapter is a good alternative. This is a pair of adaptor plugs with built-in ethernet ports that can be used to give a wired internet connection through wall sockets without the usage of long cables or the requirement to stay on Wi-Fi.

You connect one adapter to your router and the other to your PS4, and the two plugs transfer data between each other over your home’s existing wiring to provide a wired internet connection at a distance from the router. They can be an excellent option for gamers who are reliant on Wi-Fi but are unable to run a LAN line directly.

More Advanced Home Network Settings

If improving your PS4’s connection to your network does not eliminate the error message, you can experiment with some more sophisticated settings on your router and PS4 to see if you can restore an internet connection. Let’s take a look at a few of them one by one.

  1.  Static IP – Go to Network Settings

Connection to the Internet should be tested. Is the connection test failing right away because it can’t find an IP address? If this is the case, setting your PS4 with a static IP address may help. For a step-by-step process on how to do this, see Solution #3 of this post, as well as our comprehensive article on the more involved method of setting a static IP.

Here’s a quick rundown on how to set up a static IP address for your PS4:

  • Go to Settings /Network /Set Up Internet Connection

  • Select WiFi or LAN depending on your connnection

  • Select Custom setup for LAN

  • For IP Address, switch to Manual and input the following values:

    • IP Address – 192.168.0.x, where x is any number between 100 and 254 (you choose)

    • Subnet Mask –

    • Default Gateway –

    • Primary DNS –

    • Secondary DNS –

  • Run through the rest of the settings as they are, without changing them.

  • Save and test your internet connection to see if you can get back online.

  1. DMZ Settings 

You can put your PS4 in the DMZ region of your network to provide it the most open and unrestricted connection to the internet possible, bypassing all firewall screening. For a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this, see our DMZ post. It’s a quick way to forward ports to your PS4.

Here are the stages in a nutshell:

  • Get your PS4’s MAC address (Connection Settings/Status).

  • In any browser, type the IP address of your router (usually or.1.1) and the password.

  • DMZ Settings can be found under Security, Advanced, or something similar.

  • To put your PS4 in the DMZ, enter or pick its MAC address.

  • Close the programme after saving the settings.

  • If you get stuck, refer to the linked article for further information.

  1. QoS Settings 

If your home network is very congested, with many devices attempting to connect to the router through Wi-Fi, it would be a good idea to use Quality of Service (QoS) settings on your router to prioritise your PS4 on the home network, ensuring that the router prioritises its traffic requests first.

For instructions on how to use these settings, see our article on QoS; sadly, QoS is not available on all routers.

The following are the quick steps that will work in the majority of cases:

  • In Connection Settings, look for your PS4’s MAC address.

  • Go to your router and log in.

  • If QoS settings are accessible, locate them.

  • Using the MAC address you discovered earlier, select your PS4.

  • Priority should be set to Highest or Maximum.

  • If you get stuck, refer to the linked article for further information.

We don’t currently have any definitive accounts of these more complex settings successfully fixing the NW-31308-5 error code because there is so little specific information online about it.

However, there’s no harm in trying them out, and any readers who find one of these solutions to work in resolving this problem code are encouraged to leave a comment below. We’re still gathering information on it!

Check PSN

You may also check the status of the Playstation Network (PSN) here. It could just be down in your location, and you’ll have to wait for Sony to fix it.

In most cases, there isn’t much you can do because the problem is with Sony’s servers rather than your home network. However, altering the MTU value on your PS4 has been known to allow some (but not all) PS4 users to reconnect even when PSN is supposed to be unavailable.

For example, this happened during a PSN outage in late 2014. Some users were able to circumvent the outage by manually altering their MTU value to 1473, 1475, or another figure.

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