Love on the Spectrum Season 2 Where are They Now? Know Where Are The Love on the Spectrum Season 2 Cast

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If you wonder what the autism spectrum is, here is what you need to know. On the autism spectrum, persons fluctuate from highly neurologically impaired to productive, high-functioning adults who exhibit no obvious signs of autism.

Love on the spectrum season 2 Cast

S. no Contestants
1 Michael Theo
2 Mark Radburn
3 Kassandra
4 Ronan
5 Chloe Hatch
6 Teo
7 Jayden

Love on the spectrum season 2 where are they now?

There were around 7 contestants in Love of Spectrum season 2. Below we have listed the Love on the Spectrum season 2 contestants and where they are now!

1) Micheal Theo


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All adore Michael, and he is one of the most followed of the entire cast with around 40k Instagram followers. His unmistakable charm, strong fashion sense made him appealing throughout the show. Michael has participated in both seasons of Love on the Spectrum, looking for a long-term connection. Yes, he came back with the hope of finding a woman who might share his interests. Though the rising star did not discover his future wife while on the show, he did gain a lot of knowledge. Many sources suggest that he is currently using dating apps and has enormous future plans, including becoming a husband and financially independent. He was featured as a maintenance worker in the TV series Hardball.

Michael Theo Instagram account- @mr_a_plus_michael

2) Mark 


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Even though they ended up being friends rather than lovers, fans of Love on the Spectrum enjoyed watching Mark go on his first date with Maddi in season one. In season 2, he made a concerted effort with Chloe, but their relationship stayed casual. The 29-year-old reality resides in New South Wales, Australia, with his parents. Mark found social media to be too much for him, so he sought the help of his parents to handle his account. It ultimately became too overwhelming for him, and he stopped using Instagram. Mark is back again with season 2 in the hope of finding a lasting love interest. 

3) Kassandra 


Image Source: Distractify

Kassandra is one of the new cast members for Season 2 of Love on the Spectrum. The dedicated cosplayer enjoys acting, dancing, and singing. Kassandra’s fans adored watching her as she dealt with anxiety prior to her dates. The 28-year-old teacher is prospering and loves sporting outfits because it lets her take on the feelings, emotions, and talents of well-known characters. 

Kassandra may not have much of a love background, but she does have a charming attitude. In fact, fans can’t help but admire her since she is so unabashedly artistic and transparent about who she is. She’s also a theatre performer who is so into cosplay that she has an Instagram account explicitly devoted to her numerous ensembles. She has a cosplay account on Instagram called @glutenfreejellyfish_cosplay

Her personal Instagram Account: @Kassandra_personal_account

4) Ronan


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In season 2, the 21-year-old Ronan is a new addition to the cast. Though he is looking forward to dating, it seems like he has not found much luck when it comes to relationships. He enjoyed dancing throughout the show, particularly with his new pal Katie. He currently works at a racetrack and is confident in discovering the appropriate match. However, Ronan used the opportunity to put himself out there. He is not on social media at the moment.

5) Chloe 


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The 22-year-old Chloe appeared on Love on the Spectrum in both seasons. She refers to herself as a “badass pansexual” on Instagram. Her Instagram header says: 

“I’m Autistic, deaf and can’t speak properly, the whole package.” She dates Marcus and Lotus in both seasons; however, neither ends in a romantic relationship. Instead, when she was out of the show, she took two beautiful friendships along with her. Throughout the show, she remained friendly with most of the cast members. She loves designing anime and cosplay costumes. Recently, she joined Cameo and films five-minute video call chats for inquiring followers. Chloe is on Instagram as @datpomomx and Twitter as @SailorPom

6) Teo


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Teo has joined the season 2 cast. The 22-year-old model and actress seemed eager to try out dating, especially with persons of different genders, to figure out what she prefers. The fact that she had never been on a date before made viewers thoroughly enjoy her progress throughout the show. However, at the end of the season, Teo and Rosie became friends by the end of the show, despite their initial attraction during shooting.

7) Jayden


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Jayden is a fan of history and someone who enjoys working out. He is a Season 2 rookie. He’s also willing to date people of different genders to determine what works best for him. His main goal on the Love on the Spectrum is to finally figure out what dating is all about.

Once, he mentioned: “So like a handshake is something I do because it has historical significance. You shake with your right hand because your right hand is historically the hand you hold your sword in, so if you shake with your right hand, you were disarmed.”

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