Kristen Spencer recalls having a “scared * tale” while shooting this scene in Spencer

Kristen Stewart, who played Princess Diana, was not always confident. The 31-year-old actress recently spoke on SiriusXM’s The Jesse Kegel show and confessed that she was uncomfortable delivering her character’s first speaking lines while shooting Spencer.

Stewart’s Diana is in a cafe in this scene, and although this was not the first scene filmed by Stewart, the actress was very aware of the significance of the occasion. “I was terrified that day. I hated that day. I was like, ‘God, this is like the moment when everyone goes or not.’ You know what I mean? It’s like a moment when people just go away, ‘I believe. Or I don’t believe,’ “she continued, according to Entertainment Tonight,” but that’s the deal. You sign up for that. Do. “

Kristen Spencer recalls having a “scared * tale” while shooting this scene in Spencer

For the uninitiated, Spencer is a fictional restoration of Diana’s life and marriage to Charles, 73, and is based in part on the stressful Christmas family Diana spent with her royal in-laws, including Queen Elizabeth in 1991. Was taken from the name Spencer. Spencer crown worn by Diana on her wedding day to Prince Charles. The princess borrowed the royal diadem from the queen’s personal collection.

Meanwhile, in a chat with ET on the red carpet at the film Independent Spirit Awards, Stuart revealed about being nominated for an Oscar. The actress revealed how overjoyed she was and said, “I’m really amazed and incredibly confused and touched and just stunned.”

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