Full House Cast Where are They Now? Where Are The Full House Cast Now?

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A spin-off series of Fuller House debuted on Netflix on February 26, 2016, and aired for five seasons, ending on June 2, 2020.

Full House Cast, Where are They Now?

S. No Cast
1 Bob Saget- Danny Tanner
2 Candace Cameron Bure – D.J. Tanner
3 Jodie Sweetin – Stephanie Tanner
4 Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – Michelle Tanner
5 Dave Coulier – Joey Gladstone
6 John Stamos – Jesse Katsopolis
7 Andrea Barber – Kimmy Gibbler
8 Lori Loughlin – Becky Katsopolis

Where Are The Full House Cast Now?

1) Bob Saget- Danny Tanner


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A diligent, detail-oriented, and structured father, Danny Tanner is one of television’s most well-known fathers. Bob Saget, the actor, sadly passed away at 65. Madagascar, The Aristocrats, Farce of the Penguins, New York Minute, Dumb and Dumberer, and Entourage are his other works. He has also appeared on the Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget as an active comedian.

Many fans of How I Met Your Mother will recognize him as the narrator and voice of future Ted Mosby.

2) Candace Cameron Bure – D.J. Tanner


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In the show, D.J. Tanner, played by Candace Cameron Bure, frequently shared significant thoughts and words of wisdom with her younger sisters. Bure’s professional career spanned 2016 until 2020, when he starred on Fuller House. She is also known for co-hosting “The View” of ABC” and has starred in many Christmas films such as Journey Back to Christmas and A Christmas Detour. 

Cameron Bure once mentioned: “I really grew and learned a lot from the show, but I’m happy to be able to spend more time in L.A. and do more of my full-time jobs there.” The actress has also released several books. 

3) Jodie Sweetin – Stephanie Tanner


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Stephanie Tanner, aka Jodie Sweetin, was a social butterfly! Sweetin’s professional life culminated in the publication of unSweetined: A Memoir in 2009. She also spoke publicly about her struggles with drinking and drug addiction. 

4) Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – Michelle Tanner


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In Full House, the Olsen twins portrayed the youngest Tanner children. They went on to star in many films and television shows following Full House, notably Two of a Kind, So Little Time, Holiday in the Sun, and New York Minute. The Olsen twins are more interested in fashion. ‘Elizabeth and James’ and ‘The Row’ are their own labels in the fashion industry. 

The sisters grew up on the show, and as young girls, they expanded their dominion with their own extra films and tv shows. The Olsens stayed in the spotlight long into their late teens, transitioning to high fashion in their twenties. When the Fuller House revival launched on Netflix in 2015, they decided not to appear.

5) Dave Coulier – Joey Gladstone


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He served as a stand-in family member in the show. The quirky friend won over the Tanner kids with his spot-on impersonation and sense of humour.

After the conclusion of Full House, Coulier took on a hosting position, heading 2003’s America’s Most Talented Kid, following the footsteps of co-star Saget. He has appeared on The Surreal Life and Skating With Celebrities, among other reality shows. Coulier married photographer Melissa Bring in 2014, which is a personal remark.

6) John Stamos – Jesse Katsopolis


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The General Hospital actor received his big break when cast as Jesse Katsopolis, the Tanner girls’ uncle and Danny Tanner’s brother-in-law. His pretty hairstyles and cool attitude from performing in the band Jesse and the Rippers wowed crowds. Uncle Jesse was a gifted musician who was a huge fan of Elvis Presley. Following Full House, he also appeared in other shows such as Glee, E.R., Scream Queens, Necessary Roughness, and, Grandfathered. In terms of his private life, Stamos brought his kid Bily into the world in the year 2018.

7) Andrea Barber – Kimmy Gibbler


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Barber had an influential role as D.J.’s best friend Kimmy Gibbler on Full House. The clumsy, opinionated companion spent considerably more time in the Tanner house than the family wished, frequently joining D.J. and the girls for sitcom-worthy escapades.

After leaving Full House, the former child star completed her schooling, graduated from Whittier College in California, and pursued a master’s degree. She made her acting come back nearly two decades later, starring in Fuller House. Barber married Jeremy Rytky in 2002, but the couple divorced after 12 years. Felicity and Tate are the children of her ex-husband.

8) Lori Loughlin – Becky Katsopolis


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She joined “Full House” after co-hosting “Wake Up, San Francisco” with Danny. Becky went on to marry Jesse and have twins Nicky and Alex.

With Jesse McCartney and the then-unknown Zac Efron, Loughlin featured in the short-lived W.B. series “Summerland.” She also had a long run as Debbie Wilson on the hit sitcom “90210.”

In “Fuller House,” she resumed her role from “Full House.”

In March 2019, she and her husband Mossimo Giannulli were arrested for reportedly paying $500,000 to enroll at the University of Southern California for their children, Bella and Olivia. They were each given a $1 million bond and told to report later in the month in federal court. Loughlin and Giannulli pled guilty to their roles in the college admissions case in May 2020. After a U.S. district court confirmed her plea deal in August, the actress was sentenced to two months in prison, and her spouse was sentenced to five months in prison.

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