Android SDK manager Not Found, Update To The Latest SDK And Ensure That The cmdline-tools Are Installed To Resolve This

Android sdkmanager

The sdkmanager is a command-line program for viewing, installing, updating, and uninstalling Android SDK packages. If you’re using Android Studio, you can manage your SDK packages directly from the IDE instead of utilizing this tool. It contains a lot of tools that is useful for developing apps on Android. Sometimes you might experience errors while using it there are files missing or have gone corrupt. 

Android sdkmanager Not Found

The Android sdkmanager not found error occurs when there are some Android SDK Tools missing. This might occur if the installation process was incomplete or had some corrupt files in the setup. Luckily this issue is easy to resolve. Scroll down to learn how you can fix Android sdkmanager not found. 

How to Fix Android sdkmanager Not Found?

Listed below are the steps to fix the issue,

  • Open Android Studio.

  • Go to Tools Menu and select SDK manager.

  • Choose SDK Tools from the inner panels.

  • Tick Android SDK Command-Line Tools.

  • Choose Apply button near the bottom of the window.

Listed below are all the tools that are available through SDK Manager,

Listed below are the steps to update the SDK Manager,

  • Open Android Studio.

  • Go to Tools Menu and select SDK manager.

  • If an update is available, you will see a ‘-’ in the checkbox next to the package.

  • Click on the checkbox to install the update.

  • Clear the checkbox if you wish to uninstall a package.’

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